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Ana Sterling

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Advisory Team member 

Ana is an advisor on Latin American investments and business affairs.  She specializes in developing and leading marketing strategies to access Latin American markets.  She has developed relationships with senior representatives of many of the major pension funds throughout Latin America, with an emphasis on Chile, Peru and Colombia, and also has covered many of the major Colombian insurance companies and banks. 



Ana has extensive experience educating Latin American Institutions on investing in the United States Securities Market.  She has helped several securities firms to establish and cultivate relationships with major financial institutions in Latin America.  Most recently Ana was Vice President of Equity Sales and Trading for Mizuho Securities USA, the US investment banking subsidiary of Mizuho Securities.  In that position she was a founding member of the Exchange-Traded Fund (ETF) Desk, and traveled extensively throughout Latin America meeting with many of the major pension funds.  Ana created awareness and recognition for the Mizuho Securities brand with the institutional clients in the region.  She opened accounts for several major Latin American pension funds and referred clients to other trading desks at Mizuho Securities and Mizuho Securities USA resulting in significant trading volume and revenue. 


Ana also has experience marketing private equity investments to Latin America Institutions.  While she was employed in the Bogota, Colombia office of Larrain Vial, she worked with private equity managers based in the United States and Europe, and developed marketing and sales strategies to help them access the Latin American market.  Ana raised approximately $250 million USD from Colombian clients for private equity investments, resulting in Larrain Vial becoming the #1 distributor of private equity funds in Colombia in 2010.



Ana is originally from Colombia, and is a citizen of both Colombia and The United States of America. She earned an MBA from the Leonard Stern School of Business of New York University with concentrations in marketing and management, and a BS in Industrial Engineering from the Universidad de Los Andes in Bogota, Colombia. 

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